Virginia Tech Boca Grande No.2 Acrylic on canvas No.4 Music to my ear Making Myria and Sierra Smile Twinkle Toes Aqua Approach Hurricane Wilma Little Torch Key No.3 Water dance 42 x 54 Acrylic on canvas Viscosity Breakdown Tai Chi Studio's Fire Powder Purple Passion Questioning Why Simple soloutions to complex illusions, 24 x36, Acrylic on canvas Still Life Force Metropolis Midnight Oil Moons Light Ice My Love's Full Bloom Feeling Blue Eternal Ernest Acrylic on canvas Conception 35 x 22 Mixed media on canvas Continental Slide Deceived Dedication Dream Catcher Acrylic on canvas Cold blue night Acrylic on canvas Closing In Cherry Pop Behind the Bloom Suicide New Approach Paradize Secret Passage's Spring Fever My Brain Mad Man Drunk Lotus Car Cape Coral In my Dream's After The Fall Agua Blues I Agua Blues II An Inch High Actual World, 32 x 32, Acrylic on foamboard Aubrey's Flower Cudjoe Key Acrylic on Canvas

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