“Music to My Ear” By Julie A Smiley

Music to my ear


Hello, it’s new and I am so happy to be bloggin, and noggin around the new site for smileyjartstudio!!!!! Thanks to all that have backed me for years and know and love, whom I am. It is with humble spirit that I am here.

Well the Anne McKee event didn’t go as projected, I am a return donator from 2007 and after much time and deliberation as to what to represent me, [being back from 4 years away] I gifted a painting called, “Music to My Ear”

My name tag was Jane Smiley, the newspaper is Jane Smiley and the auctioneer didn’t have a thing to say about me so nobody took notice as well as being 58 out of 60, I guess I didn’t donate much to the cause. I donated heavily by borrowing the money to get into the event that cost my husband 30.00 and our two children 10.00 a piece. They wanted more but we just don’t have it. Really!!!!So basically we spent almost more than we donated and I lost a marvelous painting for nothing, how sad to all concerned. I will donate again and I believe in artists supporting artist but please oh please be more careful, for no one will ever know of my art, as Jane Smiley, she’s a writer and I am an artist . Well out of site for now stop by to read the blogs again soon, peace………….:}